Although many American homes were originally built with true hardwood floors, the rise in popularity of more affordable, modern flooring options led to the mass replacement and covering of existing hardwood floors. Today, hardwood has made a huge resurgence and many homeowners are looking to capture the classic style and old world charm of true Atlanta hardwood flooring.

There are a few ways to achieve this and the first step is to assess what type of flooring you currently have in your home. Laminate and engineered wood flooring mimic the look of hardwood but don’t offer the same refinishing possibilities. Damaged laminate will need complete replacement while engineered wood can potentially be refinished once or twice depending on the thickness of the top wood layer.

Other existing floor types will need to be completely removed to make way for your new hardwood floor installation, or to discover whether the existing subfloor is a salvageable hardwood floor. Many hardwood floors can be refinished successfully while some with severe damage will require total replacement. At Holbrook & Dowdy, we provide consultations as well as floor removal to determine whether an existing hardwood floor can be restored to its once-glorious finish through our floor refinishing in Atlanta.

Hardwood or engineered wood floors in good condition with minor scratches and discoloration can often be saved with a simpler hardwood floor repair in Atlanta. This process involves buffing out any imperfections and resealing. Older floors and ones with more severe damage, scratches, dents, and discoloration will require complete restoration.

You may be tempted to test your DIY skills and attempt a refinishing job yourself, but you should proceed with extreme caution! A complete restoration is a labor-intensive project that requires multiple steps, products, and power tools that need to be handled with absolute precision. Any mistakes during the sanding, staining, buffing, cleaning, drying, or sealing steps can ruin the entire project, making it necessary to completely redo the entire process and costing far more time and money in the long run than anticipated.

At Holbrook & Dowdy, we have a combined 50 years of experience so you know you’re getting the best hardwood floor refinishing Atlanta has to offer. Unlike many other companies, at Holbrook & Dowdy, we provide complete service from start to finish and provide one-on-one attention and communication. From the first phone call to the final follow-up, you always know exactly who you’re talking to and what the status of your project is. And because we handle every aspect of the job, you aren’t left with a half-finished project and a mess to clean up afterward. We guarantee 100% job completion and customer satisfaction.