In addition to simply acting as an entryway into a house or room, doors can serve a variety of very specific functions depending on the material, design, placement, and installation. Many homes are built with very basic door styles installed, which may or may not be the type of doors Atlanta homeowners are seeking. Whether you’re looking to save money with a more energy efficient door model, improve your home security, or simply update your home’s style, there are endless interior and exterior doors in Atlanta to choose from.


Exterior Doors

Entry doors are arguably the most important doors in your home as they provide protection against both nature and intruders, and are the first impression guests have of your home. Exterior doors in Atlanta are often chosen to be secure as well as attractive and come in a wide range of materials and styles. Certain doors like steel doors can even add value to your home because of the extra level of security and durability they offer.

Storm doors are relatively affordable additions to your home and provide multiple benefits. Just as the name insinuates, storm doors offer protection for your front door and entryway from the elements. Water can wreak havoc on your entry door as well as the floor inside your home, especially if your home has hardwood, laminate, or other flooring materials that could become irreversibly damaged by moisture. Glass storm doors also let more light into your home by allowing you the option to open your front door without risking runaway pets, uninvited guests walking into your home, or wasted energy in the form of escaped air.


Interior Doors

Interior doors are generally chosen based on style, material, and convenience. The most common interior doors include flush doors and panel doors, which add subtle architectural interest to a room. Bifold doors are a common option for closets, although sliding doors and pocket doors are becoming more popular and replacing many traditional interior doors across the board.

Shower doors are the only interior door type that is almost exclusively made of glass. For many years, the most common choices for shower doors were simply sliding or swinging framed doors. Recently, however, frameless glass doors and walls have become a popular option due to their sleek, modern appearance.

For both interior and exterior applications, French doors have been, and continue to remain, a very popular style. French doors are a timeless option that goes well with traditional architecture but can also add a beautiful touch to modern homes. Common locations for French doors include doorways opening out to patios and decks as well as doorways leading into sun rooms and sitting rooms. Sliding doors are generally a more affordable alternative to French doors and don’t require space to swing open. These doors can be less energy efficient than French doors, however, and require a track that can be an annoyance for some.

At Holbrook & Dowdy, we have over 50 years of combined experience and guarantee professional results you can rely on. In addition to installing the door of your choosing from a local Atlanta door company, trim and paint touchups are included as part of the job so you aren’t left with a mess and an extra project after we leave.  Quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities, which is why we provide one-on-one communication and service from start to finish.